Written By: Amar Sneh

Midnight onwards police kept a strict vigilance on Rehamat Manzeel from the terrace of three-storied building of Beniprasad. Though police has kept all the movements and matter as a top secret, Beniprasad could track it down that there are terrorists hiding in Rehamat Manzeel. He kept repeating a doubt in his mind as to how could it be possible? … Ali a very good friend of mine since childhood like a chum; we played together, grew together, our families been so close that on every occasion of celebrations or otherwise; in thick and thins we all have shared the moments together for years…Is the general notion and ethos of common man is correct that this community…Oh! No! May God pardon me for such thoughts?

Police has searched the place near Rehamat Manzeel and found suspicious cars parked near the building, where two cars have forged Number Plates and the third one is without the Number Plate. According to police sources there is information that these terrorists have planned to plant and blast time bombs at seven locations in the city, but the police is cautioned not to initiate any action before five in the morning, otherwise there is a likelihood that these terrorists, who are Jihadis, might change their action plan and escape from the scene; this is confirmed as one of the bombs planted by them at a location is diffused by the bomb squad. Police, security personals and A.T.S. are all very alert and vigil; there presence is secretly keeping an eye on all the activities all over the place; Rehamat Manzeel was under a strict surveillance; they have knitted their network very well there.

On appointed hour police and security forces surrounded Rehamat Manzeel from all the sides and the area was totally cordoned; all check-posts have been alerted. On the loudspeaker announcements were made for the terrorists that they have been surrounded from all sides and that there are no chances of escape for them so that they should surrender or else they will be killed. There was no response at all from Rehamat Manzeel; it had plunged into big silence. Police waited for a while for some reaction but there was none. Security forces then planned a strategy to enter Rehamat Manzeel, but it was difficult to break through since all windows had strong iron box grills fitted on them, so the security forces had no choice than to break open the main entrance.

As they entered they were shocked to see all terrorist lay unconscious hither and thither on the floor of the room; they had modern weaponry; bullet pouches, some backpacks, number of live bombs, hand grenades, some terrorists wore police uniform. Security personal found that they were alive and breathing so under heavy tight security they were taken away to hospital for medical treatment. One amongst them was a suicide bomb; he wore explosives all around his neck like lockets and waist-belt inlaid with lot of explosive gadgets; his watch, shoes all had explosives well webbed and connected to some detonating device, it was difficult to find out even with help of metal-detector. There was something like chocolate rapped in a rapper, which gave a clue to diffuse his explosive system and soon all the explosives from his body were diffused and he too was sent to the hospital.

One of the rooms of Rehamat Manzeel has been used as a godown, where all explosives and armory was stored. Lot of RDX, weapons was confiscated; well you cannot imagine from the packing that it might contain all these contraband materials; the packing was like food-products. It appeared that either a fresh consignment is received here or that they were to be transported and distributed elsewhere; besides the explosives and weapons, police found a wireless transmitter at this site. Rehamat Manzeel is now totally under the control of the security forces and the investigation is on.

At the hospital under tight securities all the arrestees are being treated; they have come to senses now and the doctor declared that all of them are out of danger of health hazard. In this operation the police got an important secret clues from one amongst them who also have regained consciousness; this man was no body but the owner of Rehamat Manzeel, Mr. Alikhan himself.

Just after a while media personals thronged the place and Mr. Alikhan revealed the mystery of Rehamat Manzeel for which everyone was anxiously waiting to know.

Rehamat Manzeel is a sign and respectful mark of my grandfather. As a matter of fact he gave me lot of things some of them are still in my heart and I preserved it well intact in my psyche. Political sword moved over our nation and divided us in two parts. During those moments of discomfiture and conflicts, there was a big undeserving, confusing pragmatic question mark before our family, whether to leave our own country, our people and choose a new land called Pakistan. I was seven or eight year boy then; I remembers, to all those surging questions in our mind, my grandfather narrated a story in his words……

 …..“I have a very good young friend, son of Pundit Girija Shankar next door. He often enters the room sweetly while I am engrossed in painting my canvases; he keeps watching my play of colours and talks to me amiably; in the evenings he joins me for a walk. He is so inquisitive that he pours questions after questions to me for all what he observes in the street, while he walks holding my finger.”

 “Recently one day we both, as usual, went out in the evening; he walked besides me; we were passing through a lane and he saw minarets of a mosque; he stood there and asked me, “ Grandpa what is this?” I replied, “this is an abode of Allah, a temple of Muslims, this is called a mosque.” Listening to my reply he bowed down his head and folded his hands in prayer and questioned me, “ Are you not a good boy?” I immediately bowed my head and folded my hands in prayer; he smiled in loving stance and said, “ Now you are my sweet good grandpa.” My eyes filled with tears and it is he who taught me let whatever may be your identity, origin and faith, if you want to stay here in this country peacefully in congenial atmosphere you must respect all religions equally. I asked him who taught you all this; he replied, “my daddy; he tells us all this everyday.” Now you all people decide if you all want to stay here this is the way you must accept to live, else go to Pakistan.”

When we remove the concrete wall of hatred and falsehood out from our own psyches, we feel everything around us is our own; this land is our own, this country is all ours. A humanitarian person emerged forth out of me due to the secular upbringing by whose goodwill and conscience efforts I could succeed in saving tens of thousand of innocent human lives today. Yes! I have informed the police that terrorists are occupying my house.                                       

History stands to substantiate the fact that the religion has been the key cause for most of the human bloodsheds so far happened in the world. I see two major reasons; one either we all have failed to understand the religion properly or the religion has misled and misguided the mankind and filled our good humane life with bloodshed, hatred, remorseful tears, pains and agonies; being human also we remained aloof from humanity, while man kept striving and longing to come closer and closer to one another.

 You all are right. All what you think about me is correct that how and why I lay my doors open to these terrorist, knowing the big conspiracy against human life; this is very important question and I must answer it.

 Around two years back my only son expressed his desire and willingness to take up engineering studies and with that he went way from this town to join engineering college. One day I received his letter wherein he wrote that he took up a part-time job besides studies and hence he did not require any monitory support from me and because of this he would remain busier than before, therefore it would not be likely for him to remain in contact so frequently, instead whenever he found time he would ring up. After this, one year latter he returned home and I found him in a strange mysterious state of mind. When I enquired of him about this state of his mind, he replied that he lost interest in the studies of engineering and that he wanted to start a business with his friends in partnership for which he insisted that the lower floor of the house be given to him on rent for business purpose; since he was very adamant on his demand, I accepted it. 

Near around ten days back, I overheard him talking on his cell phone in a very suspicious low tone and the moment he learnt of my presence he disconnected the phone. Again after three or four days I noticed the same thing and again he disconnected the phone; on this occasion I sternly asked him and then he gave in and started telling me that he has surrendered and submitted himself wholly and completely to Allah. He further continued that he did take admission for engineering studies, but never went to college. There he met a group of people, who have already submitted themselves to Allah and that they are ardent servants of Allah, devoting themselves fully in the service of Allah.

His passport was ready with him, so he traveled to Pakistan with an elderly man; there in Pakistan at Bahavalpur he took training at jihadi’s (Mohammedan faith in holy war) training camps; after which he was sent to Pak occupied Kashmir (POK); there he met jihadis from all over the world and stayed on in the jihadi’s camps. I could feel that his mind is totally possessed by jihadi psychosis and madness. Listening to all this I questioned him, “Why Jihad?” but he turned down all my questions. All the catastrophic scenes of bomb blasts happening all around us every now and then, where innocent are pulled in the unpalatable plights reeled before my eyes and I was totally shaken up with these thoughts. For three days I was totally shattered and there was a conflict going on in my mind that my only son is lost. My mental conflict grew to an extent that three days back, I told him that I too intent to serve Allah and I wish to join your jihadi programs. He was so very happy with my decision.

Since then I was introduced to all the members of Jihadi group and I started participating in all their conspiracies and jihadi programs; some of the planning of attacks was given final shape; day in and day out I was with them completely involved in their planning.

I learnt a day was set forth for the execution of their jihadi attacks. This town was the target. The junior college from where my son passed out was the first on the list; they decided to plant a time bomb, which would explode at the prayer time since during morning hour more than thousands of students gather there. A thought ripped my heart and I imagined the plight of innocent poor students; some of who will die for no fault of theirs, some would be crippled to lead the miserable life; some would be deaf permanently. Like this they planned planting of explosive at six more different locations; one out of this was an important train, which passes by our locality; it was to be sabotaged with a very powerful explosive time bomb; then a wholesale crowded market place, then to destroy a temple where there is a big assemblage of devotees, then to plant a human suicide bomb, who was none other than my only son dearer to me; he was to execute the attack at the place, where a large congregation of people gather to learn Yoga and practice it.

Almost all the preparations for the next day attacks were done; to night some men were expected to bring some more arsenals and devices; time for carrying these attacks was fixed between five and seven in the morning the next day. It was decided that all would gather at four twenty in the morning to offer Namaaz, their last payers to Allah after which they will have a heavy breakfast before they set forth on their holy job of Allah; since my son like my preparation of sweet vermicelli (Sevaiyan), I was entrusted with this job.

All ate sweet vermicelli; I spoon-fed my son and so he did it to me; at that juncture my son turned very emotional. Though he was a human bomb himself but humane in him up roared the most in his heart and he could not control his poignancy and broke in my arms, “Abbajan, I am eating sweet vermicelli for the last time in my life; this is our last meeting; alas! I am missing Ammijan very much; it would have been nice if she were here. Please convey my love and regards to her; tell her how much I love her and also tell her that I missed her before reaching Allah. Now we all shall meet at Allah’s court. Please take care of yourself and take care of Ammijan, saying these words he kissed my forehead. I also could not control my emotions and tears ran through my eyes followed by complete darkness, while I reeled back the memories of my son’s childhood, I nurtured and brought him up with lots of hopes and expectations from him.

Anyway, with grace of god the almighty, killers and their victims both survived and are now in sound health. By profession, I am a hakim, a doctor; I have knowledge of medicines. I added a doze of medicine for unconsciousness in the sweet vermicelli preparation, such that after eating they would not gain consciousness at least for two to three hours, meanwhile police can arrest them and confiscate all explosives, armory and devices. I sneaked an opportunity and informed police all about it and warned them not to attack and start their operation at Rehamat Manzeel before five in the morning. I was confident that the police would take care and they did as I requested.

Though I shall now remain in the custody of police till the final verdict and conclusion of judiciary procedures, yet! There must be thoughts spurring up in the mind of public as to why did I do all this? Is it because I want to win the seat of corporate in these forthcoming elections of Municipal Corporation? Since I filed my candidature for the corporator seat some days back and it seems tomorrow being the last day for filing the form for the same. Let me tell you, I was totally ignorant and unaware of the fact that my house is being used for these terrorist activities, when I filed my nomination.

I am now announcing to withdraw my candidature from this election; else people will doubt my integrity, my patriotism and my faithfulness to this country. All I did was totally righteous rulings my conscience dictated to me; I have no regrets for it; I do not care for my life; all I remember is the couplets of poet, Aalam Ftehpuri in Urdu, which means we will die one day any how, then why not martyrs death for the good cause of our own motherland.

From nook and corner of the country phone calls started pouring in from the offices of TV media channels, Radio, newspaper editors; thousands of Hindu-Muslim and people of varied faiths and religions gathered to urge Alikhan not to withdraw his nomination from the cooperator’s election; thousands of SMS to withhold is decision of withdrawal from the election buzzed through his cell phone with message, “you have shown the courage and valor to save thousands of innocent lives; we indeed want such heroes for our country”.

The next day all opposition contenders withdrew their nominations from that constituency as a mark of respect for their hero Ali Khan; the election commissioner unanimously declared him the winner who is unparalleled.

Alikhan on this victory said, “ Before any saga culminates, the life faces a long drawn battle and breaths a sigh of relief at the end. The saga is misery of veracity and it is a reality too; it is un-diminishing, integral part of human life. I am here, I shall always be close to you, and I may be called, as I shall be always near you. Promise that this corporator shall always excel to fulfill all your aspirations and expectations.

Translated By: D. Dhananjay


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