What Happens of City Sans Romance?

Amar Sneh

An old ardent amorous lover just before going to his last accounts wrote a couplet

“-Life long the love stricken heart did not let me sleep; I complained the heart for it, felt offended so deep”.

“Dile nadan ne taumra sone na diya| Shikayat ki hamne to bura man liya”|

Though the peeved heart with sultriness sent amorous lover to dine with Mohammad, yet the sequence of love was never to end nor did it end. As long as there is this bloody throbbing heart beats, the sequence of love would remain in its full vigor and strength. This is a fact that the lovers never were at ease nor did they ever shall find peace; the situation is never changing like an ineffaceable line drawn in a stone. Presenting a beautiful couplet immerged out from the heart of a resented lover—

“-I am like changing face of pieces of Kabab on a spit, Roasted face rolls from one side to another in blissful fit.” (Seenkh Kabab- mince meat ball roasted on hearth on skewer)

“Kababe seenkha hai ham har taraf pahlu badalte hain | jo jal jata hai yeh pahlu to vo pahlu badalte hain” |

ishk na hotaHey Man! The entire life flits away with changing faces and phases, but in this particular incident of the love story, the patience of mutual understanding and trust was lost in less than two years. A fresh episode of romance frenzy has happened recently at Ashok Nagar of Hyderabad. It was wee hours; the residents were still in the bed when they heard shrieks and screams of a newly incarnated Juliet’s challenge from the tallest structure in the area. They rushed out of their houses. They heard brave voice like worrier woman proclaiming, “What you all are searching down there; look! Up here”. Gathered people were aghast to see a well-adorned woman on the top of a public water overhead tank in their locality. The murmuring crowd was mumbling, “Hey, Have you descended straight from the heaven?” The other said, “It seems, it is a cheap publicity stunt of an Indian leader; she might want to give a message for the nation at this early hours or might that she wants to hold a public meeting.”

As the public guesses and speculations were taking its course and heating up, a thunderous declaration came forth from the rooftop of the tank, “Hey, You contented peaceful sleepers wake up from your slumbers. Today in front of the world, I shall definitely be doing my conclusive adjudication.”

Morning walkers also started gathering there. All were gazing at the well-adorned woman standing up on the top of that water tank. The woman declared, “I shall jump down from here.” Someone from the crowed shouted, “Hey, why do you not show this feat of valour at the Olympic Games instead?” The newly incarnated Juliet replied, “The game of love and romance is no less than the Olympic Games. If he would not marry me, I shall jump from here and be a martyr in love…” Listening to this proclamation of the woman, there was a hubbub and the fat in the fire amongst the gathered people. Weary of watching this interesting sky-high episode, necks started paining, so some people lied down on the turf below the tank and kept watching the scene from below in reclined posture. The modern Juliet’s non-stop proclamations were on. At first, she disclosed all about her love affairs. Everybody was shocked when she described the personality of her Romeo. Some people recognized this special reborn Juliet and said, “Oh, she is a resident of this colony; she stays in such and such house … she is such and such….oh, She is mother of two kids.”

“Yes! I am the same person, I love that young boy from such and such colony, and he too is madly in love with me for last two years. During this period, on hundreds of occasion we got tangled in bed…with having so much of his intimacy with me, do you all think that could he escape…?

While she narrated the golden moments of their love and sex, there was immergence of a strong characteristic female power, which was so much stronger; may be hundred horsepower more than males’ manliness. Some respected wise men were trying to calm her by giving her a piece of their mind but all in vain. It is said…

Love is like a stack of delicate grey yarn, More untangle more it gets tangled darn.

“Preet to aesi hoy jaise kaccha soot | Sulzave to ulaze ganth pade mazboot” |

This fanned the fire. She further got enraged and shouted, “If he does not marry me and try to give me a wide berth, I shall be up in arms and teach him such a lesson that he would forget all the pleasures he looted of my person. So get him to marry me or else be prepared to be responsible spectators… for that I am going to jump from here.” Saying so, she dropped a piece of paper with note written on it; anxiously with great fear, some people opened the note, read the grievous intricate love matters, and summoned a local MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly) and additional police commissioner. On their arrival, they too urged this exceptional Juliet to descend down from the rooftop of the tank but she ignored them and turned down their request. In the end twenty-two year young Romeo had to be pulled out from his bed. They brought him half asleep there and with heavy heart under circumstantial compulsion, he adjudicated his decision. With might and main as far as his vocal chord would stretch the voice frequency, he shouted, “I promise, I shall get married to you; please come down; you need not make away with yourself; please do not commit suicide, I swear, I shall marry you, so come down….”

There was a sudden glow on the face of Juliet in the fray. One could see joy of victory on the beautiful face without the aid of a binocular, but almost instantly, to everyone’s surprise there was a voice from heaven like an oracle, “I do not trust’s men folk’s promises and words; they are deceptive. We should perform our marriage here on the rooftop of this tank in front of all gathered people or else I shall….”

Listening to her new challenge, everybody urged her to come down and tried to elucidate her that how is the marriage possible at the rooftop? How could we perform the religious rituals there; moreover, the marriage registrar is an old man, how could he climb there to register your marriage. In the event something goes wrong, there would be a fly in the ointment and the joyous occasion would turn tragic.

Stooping down before the woman’s stubbornness and women obstinacy, as nothing could work, the garlands were ordered. The prey of love, poor Romeo carried the garlands up there. Amidst the thunderous applauds of clapping of thousands gathered, they garlanded each other and thus the marriage primary ritual concluded.

The newly wed couple descended from the top of the water tank, but as soon as they landed, the police under the charges of creating public nuisance, an attempt to suicide and marring second man without the divorce from the first husband, as she being Hindu such marriage is an offence as per Hindu Marriage Act, arrested the bride.

The arrested bride was walking through the crowd of thousands of onlookers, which created a wall between the lovers with eyes full of tears and the thoughts up roaring like this….

“My love, do not think, bereft by separation diminishes love | It is like interest of moneylender, keeps piling and piling on” ||

“Sajan ye mat janiyo, bichuran prit ghatay | Vyapari ke byaj se, badhat-badhat badh jay” ||

Well, that was how this love story for the Juliet ended like a fish out of water. However, just think a lover could break through the barricades of well-protected prohibited area like the public water supply tank; what would have happened of the civilians of the city, if a terrorist instead of this romance would have poisoned the water?


The Satire is published in Outlook, NavBharat Times, Nai Dunia, Denik Tribune, and Shivam.


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