Dumb father

Written By -Amar Sneh

Ever since Sayane-Ram became intelligent and smart, after passing his eighth standard exam of middle school; he spoke to his father, “Hey! My respected father I care a lot for you; you really elbowed grease by working hard as laborer and gave me education till here; now there is no need of learning further. The father told him not to worry and he tried his best to persuade him saying that he would move heaven and earth and earn money, but no matter what, he would make his son worthy of leading his life with dignity.

Ultimately the father could not win over his son. The son further said, “Look father! Hence in future I shall not bother and trouble you; I shall on my own achieve a place, position and fame in the society. Every alternate day I read in the news-paper that so and so Patwari (Registrar of Lands) has illegally transferred the land on his name and latter sold the lands. Tahsildar (Sub-Collector of revenue) demands bribery for each and every work in his office; yes! Sometimes they are caught red-handed. Police also demands money for each and every small issue; without accepting money they do not even bother to file a FIR and if at all FIR is registered, for further action in the matter they ask money. If they catch culprit or criminal they take money from criminals; then they wait to see as to which party, the complainant or the culprit, is paying more; if the culprit promises to pay more then their preparation begins in such a way so that the offence cannot be proved. This is a country where ministers to a common police constable accepts bribe. It is an open fact that in the court of law right from postponement of hearing dates to getting judgment in one’s favorable; money only makes the mare go. No matter what govt. department you go to, whether of Central or State Govt. your file shall move forward by forwarding money only and if at all your file reaches the top man, then the P.A. or the secretary of that IAS officer acts like an agent in collecting the higher bribe money quoted by the officer.

Money is paid the job is done, otherwise till you grow old keep waiting for the change of one political party government to another party government and then the next government and also face the transfers of one officer to another; then once again your case is brought to square one and you have to begin digging it right from the scratch once again.

By mistake you happen to go to the court of law in the righteous spirit for getting the justice, and then if by hook or crook you get the judgment in your this lifetime is understandable and commendable by any standards, else petitioner die scuffing the heels in walking to the court years after years and never get the justice in his lifetime. Almost every day IAS officers are arrested accepting bribes and they are acquitted by giving bribe; they enjoy patronage of ministers and their top bosses. Those who are here they all are meant for doing corruption or you may say that they are appointed with the purpose of doing corruption. It seems that the entire government administrative machinery is run for bribery, corruptions, scandals and scams.

These so called sentinels of religion, they are better known as Baba or a sage, have build ashrams, abodes for hermits and devotees, in the name of preserving and protecting values of religion as a source of earning big money. They keep striving to enhance their status and win laurels by build more and more ashrams, thus collecting more and more money with a main target of acquiring lands after lands to. Every now and then you hear that these dens of Babas are raided by police. They run Drugs peddling and smuggling from these ashrams; not only this, hardcore arrant criminals turn their trade to Babagiri (Baba like behavior) and under pretext and shelter of religious devout bliss and ultimate bliss keep looting poor innocent devotees; someone describing himself as an incarnation of Lord Krishna, exploits women and young girls for their worldly pleasure.

Oh! My father – In this great land of Bharat, the vicious circle of immorality dissolute, debauchery, corruption, crimes and murders is never ending; it is not going to stop. — So my father –what’s the purpose I serve studying further; do you want to see me as a thief or a corrupt-man, then why should you spend your hard earned money on my education when I might have to do all this.—-

Listing to the logical conclusion and the discourse poor father held his hands on his head and went into deep thinking; he was in utterly confused state of mind and in that puzzled stance he asked — My son Sayane! I am unable to understand and conclude here, but if you do not study further, what shall you do?

Father! Your son Sayane, under such critical situation and juncture wants to take steps with utmost understanding.

What do you mean? Father asked his son with curiosity.

This much of education is more than sufficient for me; now I can be a thief or a robber without studying further. There is a double-folded benefit in this; one, I shall not have a feeling of dejection in committing robbery as I shall have a feeling of doing it under compulsion due to low education and secondly I shall utilized the time, which would be lost in further studies, in gaining experience and expertise in robbery and corruption or else I shall become an agent of robbers and corrupt-people. There is always a demand of such agents in each and every government administrative office, each department and every minister’s office.

How am I to get employment after completing my education; to get a job one has to grease the palm of the officers with hefty sum of bribe; how are you going to manage such a big money and more so even after obtaining good qualification, there is no guarantee of getting a job, but father, there is sure and certain guarantee of getting a job of an agent of robbers.

The father held his hands on his head and became totally blank and went into a state of perplexity. — Seeing this boy said, “Do not worry father if I accomplish supremacy in corruptions tactics and stratagem, it may happen one day that I might get an opportunity to become MLA or MP or even minister.

An Unanswerable father began gazing up in the sky and it appeared that his blanked-gaze got hung there; he wants to say something, but he is totally turned dumb.


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  1. There’s definately a lot to know about this subject.
    I really like all the points you’ve made.

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