Mr. X

© Amar Sneh

One ultra modern lady attired in tight jeans, wearing high heel sandals and walking with an air of pompousness dangling her short bob cut hair exhibiting her youthfulness enters a police station to file her complaint (FIR). She narrated the contents of the complaint and requested the police officer in charge to register it; just then phone call after phone calls began pouring with the similar complaints; meanwhile some people entered the police station to lodge complaints and they too have similar grievances. Judging the seriousness of the matter, the inspector requested the complainants to be comfortable at police station and he came in action briskly. He took two three constables and went to the site. Police apprehended a person and brought him to the police station, all complainants identified him as the culprit.

The person, which police apprehended and brought to the police station, appeared a respected gentleman— He warned the police sub-inspector that the matter not only concerns that of his fundamental rights but it has religious significance too and any intervention by the police, shall be dealt with severely. The sub-inspector was taken aback and in a fearful confused state he got up and went to the other room to consult his seniors.  

vishwamitr2That ultra modern lady happens to be a media professional; she rang up news channel editors and called the media teams there, since her FIR was not registered. She told media, “The gentleman sitting there, who appears respected was the one who held me tight in his embrace in open public and when I reacted shouting out for help, he made some lame excuses and got away enchanting, “Narayana! Narayana! Narayana! ” Other people present at the police station also gave the same asserting statements. When media personnel interrogated the gentleman, he reiterated the same standpoint, “Look! This is my person religious matter and I have observed, followed and adopted what is said by our great saints in our Shastra, you may call it a sacred religious scripture. — Look! I am searching God and it is my ardent pursuit of the Almighty,

Narayana es jagat me sabase miliye dhyay |

Na jane kis bhesa me Narayana mil jay ||


Lord Narayana meets every one here if adore |

Never knows in what disguise god comes afore ||

Reciting — rhyme-couplet he continued, “I search god in each and every person; you may misunderstand or interpret in your way; anyway this is a very serious religious issue. — If you people are not gods, then please let me go, so that I could continue my search.” Upon this when TV reporter countered a question, “Why do you not practice this religious act in the confines of your house?” He replied, “Look!  The first and the foremost thing is that there is no street in my house, where there is no public through fare and besides now a day, the religion is professed and practice on the streets only, for instance issue of Ram-Janma Bhumi (Birth place of Lord Ram) or Ram-Setu, a stony bridge like structure built by Lord Ram to reach Sri Lanka from India, or a conflicts of religious ideologies of Ram and Rahim or for instance, the sacred Amarnath shrine issue and moreover issue of carrying out bomb blasts in the service of Muslim God Allah, known as  holy-war (Jihad). Wherever you look around, you will find temples after temples mushrooming in the streets, so gentleman, the God has to be searched on the street. I therefore make a sincere apple and request, please! Let not police, law enforcing authorities or media come in my way of my pursuit of god, else I might have to take help of saviors’ of religion. After a while family members of the accused, Mr. X, reached the police station. They sincerely apologies to the complainants and even to the police officers and thus Mr. X got acquitted on the grounds that the accused is mentally sick.

Only a couple of days might have elapsed after this incident, the wife of Mr. X came in total distress to the police station to register her complaint that her husband under a very mysterious circumstances is absconding. She narrated, “Everyday night freshly washed clothes are kept in his solitary-meditation-room where he practices Dhyan Sadhana (Ritualistic Meditation Practice) and every day he bathes at dawn and wear freshly washed clothes and then goes in a state of penance. Yesterday night too washed clothes have been kept in his room as usual, but today when I went to serve breakfast to him in his room, I was aghast to notice that he was not seen there, besides the washed clothes kept last night remained well folded as it was and the clothes he wore during night were lying on the floor; the most surprising thing is how could he disappeared from within the clothes he wore. He was searched every where, but he was not found.”

After the death, body of a man should remain there itself when the soul leaves the body, but man like man vanishes from within the dressed clothing is some mysterious and an inexplicable event. When police department failed to trace Mr. X, the media came in action and began telecasting possibilities of alien flying saucer from far off planet might have taken him away. Now scientists, astronomers and astrophysicists of international repute began gathering here, those engaged in the research of the aliens and the extraterrestrial flying objects, besides media as usual blown this event out of proportion and created a hubbub. Now even foreign agencies across the globe got engaged in searching Mr. X. Media channels began announcing repeatedly, “If any one, who has seen mysterious object or happens to come across such an object, they should immediately phone up our control room on this international toll-free telephone number.” World over people are stuck and glued to their TV sets to get minute to minute development of this mysterious event that an Indian man vanished out from within his dressed up clothing; where could he have disappeared, which is a matter of anxiety for one and all.

Today early morning just when TV was switched on, one news channel began making a hue and cry and beating drums aloud about solving the mystery of Mr. X; with big bang shouting at full throated voice, which they usually do, that their channel is the only one and the first one to solve such dreaded suspense mystery of Mr. X’s whereabouts; captions after captions were thrown on the screen of breaking news, breaking news is a mockery; its  relevance is completely lost and it has become a laughingstocks; they further claimed that their channel is so efficient that they could break the ice even before CID or Police could do it. A big bold caption flashing on the screen, “We have found Mr. X” followed with an announcement, “In short while from now our camera team shall show picture clips from that remote hidden place; please keep watching our news channel and remain glued to your seats without even brushing your teeth and taking a face wash.    

With the help of some unknown informer the channel person could reach Mr. X and with the channel’s information even search team of police reached the spot, but before police, prestigious religious leaders were already seen on the scene there. – Just in near by jungle under a Peepal tree Mr. X is sitting only wearing loin-cloth with eyes closed in deep meditation enchanting Ram —  Ram and behind him is a  cloth hoarding with inscription of rhyme-couplet –

                   “Ram Ram japate raho jab lag ghat me pran|

                   Kabahun to din dayal ke bhanak padegi kaan||”  


                Keep enchanting Ram Ram till your breathe ceases  

                One never knows when it reaches God’s ears to grace


There seems no other alternative or scope left with the police search party than only to bow down in respect before him. With this breaking news mercenaries of religious leaders and gurus began pouring there, god knows where they emerged from, either from the skies or from beneath the underworld hell (Patal), but they dashed down at electrifying speed with all their log stocks and barrels and also brought religious scriptures along. They marked a very big arena and cordoned it; they announce this place be called, “Maha Dharmik Kalyugi Tapsya Sthali” A Great Religious Iron-Age (Nasty-Era) Penance Site, and thus began joyous celebration. Religious gurus and leaders have drawn a Laxman Rekha, a line, which means entry restricting boundary line, all around the great ascetic and the entry in it was banned. Funny thing is that even wife and family members of Mr. X are not allowed in side this Laxman-Rekha.  The mercenaries of religious gurus in split of time began raising their tents and hoisted their flags all around in the vicinity; in the celebrative humor and fun they put up a board with inscription, “A Great Religious Iron-Age (Nasty-Era) Penance Site” besides, to guard and for its protection they have erected an idol of lord Hanuman (God of Strength & vigor); now where ever your eyes may reach one can perceive tents, flags and religious mercenaries only.


The family members of Mr. X in the distress could not stand the site of Mr. X slowly minute by minute is nearing his end. His wife made an appeal to the government to hold him back from relinquishing and renouncing his breath and committing suicide. She even registered a complaint with police against her husband that he is committing an offence of suicide. The religious gurus, great gurus and supremos of religious-seat of command know as Pithadhish, have issued forth an edict and also proclaimed, “Now this issue neither has remained that of his family nor of judiciary. In accordance with the scripture Mr. X, a hermit, relinquishing worldly family attachments, who is now fully devoted in his penance, therefore he is left with no relations with his family besides giving up food, water and clothing he has renounced the worldly matter of attractions and sacrificed them, so he has ended all his worldly relations. This great religious practiser, an adept in pursuit of god is on his way to heavenly pilgrimage — Believe, every thing happening here is in total agreement and in accordance with the scripture, as a result, we shall guard and provide full protection to this great ascetic engaged in penance and to his religious feat. If any of government agencies like police, judiciary or even his family member create any hindrance or obstacle in the on going penance, we shall proclaim them as demons and wage a holy-war. In the entire country our religious mercenaries are always ready and prepared to face any challenge. Any action taken against the religion, these mercenaries shall rush to railway stations, airports and highways and with religious fanaticism they shall once again create horror and vandalism which is in vogue in India every alternate day.”

A debate has begun in the country amongst elites, intellectuals, constitutionalist and all religious gurus. As the time passes the situation is getting more tensed, complicated and serious. Taking up this issue, street processions and demonstration begun spurting out and the public meetings are taking place all over the country. On electronic media experts are exhibiting their ostentatious intelligence and are throwing their opinions and their free flowing advices. Media got a big issue to regurgitate; right from the ice-age to stone-age till date and before the advent of printing technology and the invention of paper, how thronging  images of god, goddesses, our great saints, researchers, various incarnations of gods and how their dictations are so well compiled and scripted besides even the discourses and sermons of these gods and great saints are been shown as if all the happenings of ages old is happening today right in front of you on TV; the great pundits of religion, so called holy men, who enjoy all heavenly pleasures on the earth are also seen giving their discourses,  thus media  channel people are very happy as their day to day problem of producing programs to cover twenty-four hours is over for the time being, so they kept the TV viewers busy with such telecasts. Though all in all the entire situation is at status quo, but slowly and steadily Mr. X is pacing near and near to his heavenly abode; with his condition worsening, the family members are getting more anxious and worried for his life.

In this situation an idea flashed in the mind of Mr. X’s wife and she even gave it’s clarification on TV Channel. Consequential to saving the life of her husband there was an out burst of young girls and boys, who contacted her and then got busy with the preparations and reached the site quickly, but religious savior militia held them back. After long heated discussions they got the permission to meet religious gurus. There also war of words and exchange of hot arguments was inevitable. Meanwhile yet another platoons of young girls and boys in great numbers reached the spot carrying a placard with inscribing, “MENAKA VISHWAMITRA MILITIA”. After the declaration made by this militia, not only from the local city, but from near by towns and villages female and male dancers with makeup and accompanying musical instruments are seen reaching the spot. After very long rugged deliberations of doctrinal discussions with religious gurus, an agreement is seen reached that  before the Sunset Menakas (Beautiful and very sensually attractive dancers of heaven) should succeed in breaking the penance of the hermit, Mr. X, or else they should quit conceding to their defeat and under such circumstances the penance shall continue as usual.

  Time left for the Sunset is very short so quickly all arrangements were done and the competition began. As the sensuous, sexy, tantalizing and alluring female dancers began their silly crooked dance on the sweet singing voices and rocking tunes of Rumba Samba on the band, there began flurry and bustle in the inner and outer world, besides the hustle and bustle is seen even in the world of heaven of Lord Brahma known as Brahma-abode (Brahma-Lok). Deeply engrossed in penance Mr. X is listening to all this through his hearing receptive organs and imagining that he is very near to the main entrance of heaven, but here on the earth, the time left with Menaka Vishwamitra Militia is very less to fulfill the conditions, there are a few minutes left for the Sunset. Wife and the family members of Mr. X are holding their breath keeping their fingers crossed and as the time is passing their anxiety is growing high; they are anxious as to when he opens his eyes.

Seeing the urgency of little time left for the Sunset, alacrity and momentum of music and dance is seen increasing; more and more dancers are introduced in the arena; as the drum beats and the sound of ankle-bells of the dancers are growing fast and faster, Mr. X in his trance is advancing speedily closer and closer towards the gate of heaven—- To welcome Mr. X the gates of heaven are being opened and in his grand reception briskly flowers are being showered on him; the resonance of music and the ankle-bells of dancers have filled the atmosphere at Brahma-abode. Beautiful, gorgeous, good-looking heavenly dancers of Brahma-abode are seen very delighted and cheerful on his arrival; they are elevating him to enjoy eternal ultimate bliss by surrounding him — Just as he experienced a silken-soft gentle touch of heavenly dancer on his person, suddenly sweet words began flowing out of his mouth, “Hey! God! Supreme creator, you got so pleased and happy with my penance that you gave me an opportunity to be here at Brahma-abode, I am really very much obliged and thankful to you my lord. While he was uttering the words in praises of Lord, suddenly he opened his eyes and with great trance and spell of joy he began dancing with the so-called heavenly dancers, but he abruptly stopped as he was feeling feeble and weak, just then one of the heavenly dancers gave him some liquid to drink by her delicate hands —- Oh! This is nectar, so saying he looked all around — Wow! How beautiful and charming are all the things here — I feel entire India is in this paradise — Oh! I am seeing and getting a sight of innumerous great personalities here —- It is so righteously scripted in our holy-books that those who have done auspicious-act only get an opportunity to take birth on this sacred land of India and during lifetime whatever sins are committed are dissolved in Ganges water just by one single dip in the river and the sins are exterminated. Like wise becoming sinless after committing numerous sins there are so many rituals available here on the Indian soil; for instance listening to or reading prayers of praises of one god or goddesses from amongst numerous of them, sacrificing act in holy-fire-pit or just causally listen to the recital of holy Geeta or Ramayana one gets rid of the hardest of hard sins and every Indian, who righteously practices the religion goes straight to the heaven. Oh! My lord –Oh! This is the sole reason that after death of a person in India it is a practice to say, “Gone to heavenly abode.”— Long live India — Long live Brahma-abode! —– Just then he saw his wife there and with great astonishment he began asking her, “Hey! You —-How come you are here? — Look respected lady; I have renounced the world and emancipated from all family ties — Now I am free and librated.” Wife gave him a sarcastic and scornful smile with asquint look, “Well –Well— Well–I only have brought your clothing; you look uncivilized in your loin cloth, though you are looking stunningly sexy, she uttered in a romantic bashful stance.

Just then one heavenly dancer urged him saying, “Please my lord wear the cloths.” – He wore them on her request and started bidding goodbye to his wife; then lost in some thoughts and asked his wife, “But then how could you manage to reach here? Smilingly she replied, “As such there are so many TV channels, but you see– that one, the one where they telecast and show the real original conch-shell of Lord Krishna and also claim that demon Rawan is still alive though tens of thousand years are gone by. Shabari’s tested used berry jujube plum fruits when eaten by Lord Rama and thrown around are claimed to have fallen straight in their studios; Yes! That very TV channel—When they have no other programme to telecast, they show a very long stairway from earth to heaven, –Yes! I used the same stairway to ascend and reached here straight —- I never even had to ask anybody’s help for it.

Ok! Alright then go back to The Earth by the same stairway—Take care of yourself else you may fall off.

Why then for courtesy sake—my lord–shall you not come to see me off till the stairway?

No! Now I am totally emancipated from the worldly temptations of Mrityu-lok, the world of the dead.

Hey you! Forgo and give up this dubious, fictitious embodiment of holy ascetic — just a while ago you were enjoying naked dance with the beautiful girls and you claim of emancipation of worldly pleasures now—– Hey! Open your eyes — This is the your own terrain, paradise and heaven are all your hallucinations and false imaginations just like fabricated fantasies created by authors and compilers of mythology, who have done to keep alive rift between upper and lower class in the society. If our Menaka militia had not saved you from your madness of worship, you would have been dead and gone.

Oh! You mean this is the Earth, Mrityu-lok, the world of the dead.

Yes! Very much, Mr. X esquire, you are on the Earth, just open your eyes and have good look around.

Mr. X, the god you are searching all over is within you. You experience and realize good or bad, virtuous or ill- intents all by yourself that is through your conscience, the biggest faculty endowed on human race; how mysterious are all these things — is it not? The heaven or paradise is here on this Earth, if we learn to live righteously.

The human civilization imagined a governing super power, which is beyond his control and called it a God. It is impossible for man to explore and understand the complexity of this large universe, the intricacy of life, which is so very mysterious and puzzling that the civilization imagined of a powerful supreme guiding force and thus adored and recognized that supreme power. God is a recognition and comprehension of man. The worship of God is in humbly accepting his obligations and take inspiration for the righteous ways of life. God is nothing but a trust, a faith and realization of moral values. —- I wish you should join our Menaka Vishwamitra Militia.

How shall it help me?

We shall endure ourselves in eradicating blind faiths, falsehood and ostentatiously crafted religious misgivings and educate the masses to follow and practice, honesty, sincerity, hardworking and create non-corrupt civilized society, but before all this let us take a vow that we shall ourselves be first honest, sincere, hardworking and civilized individuals.

You people have opened my eyes; I take this oath that hence forth I shall follow a sacrament of righteous ways of life and pursue a penance to become a good human being.

Toady on this land of ascetics, all gathered there have taken a vow of practicing good human values and thus the joyous celebrations began there and it is seen that the mercenaries of religious gurus are removing, doing away with their tents and leaving the place, since their purpose was defeated. 


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