Melody- Country, Rhythm- Police, Pace- Media

Written By Amar Sneh

Just a while ago police head quarter have received a very important clue that the most wanted absconding terrorist, Dawood used to play Gulli-Danda (A country play striking a bail like small piece of wood with a long stick) in his childhood. Police is searching his mates with extra vigilance with whom he played Gulli-Danda. Police squads all over the country have been alerted and police companies are rushed forth in nook and corner in search. Some years before during search a Danda (a stick) was recovered from a lumber-room of Dawood’s old residence; after a long chase the investigation reveled the fact that with this Danda only Dawood played Gulli-Danda. The police was facing a big challenge now, though they recovered and found the Danda, but Gulli is still missing. Gentleman it has become imperative to search the Gulli, since that would lead the police to establish the relationship with his mates with all whom he used to play the game.

At last! After a long chase something like Gulli, which then was so assumed that it must be nothing other than Gulli was traced from a dilapidated ramshackle house; the owner of the house was taken in custody.

Melody- Country, Rhythm- Police, Pace- MediaAfter the dire event of series of bomb-blast that shook Mumbai all the culprits involved in the events have gracefully and smartly left the country, yet the police department till date seems very much alert in action, but more than that the media, especially electronic media seems very active in its full strength. Just a minute gentleman………oh! There is a wonderful episode of daily soap on TV… no a drama…..oh! No! It seems some news channel…Yes! It is a news channel only.

Keep watching “Till Day-After-Tomorrow” You are welcome to this channel without garlands and bouquet. From the studios of “Day-After-Tomorrow” this is Pratita; we go over to our correspondent, “Parmendar”; so Parmendarji can

you hear me? Yes! Parmendarji, where are you now?

Yes! Pratitaji, I can here you; well at this moment I am close to the trees; from one of the branches of this tree the Danda of Gulli is made, which Dawood used for playing Gulli-Danda…

…but as we could see, Parmendarji there are no trace of trees where you are standing. Yes! Pratitaji, you are right but this is also a fact that there were trees here on this spot. I am giving you a very important clue here; we have found out a gentleman, who told us confirmatively that there were trees here; our correspondent,” Mr. Bahadursinghji”, is with him…

…Thanks Parmendarji, but be stationed there, I might come back to you… Yes! Bahadurji, I am Pratita from “Keep Watching the Same till Day-After-Tomorrow”, please tell our viewers the gentleman standing besides you is the same gentleman….

….Yes! Your guess is perfect; he is the same gentleman, whom I met a few seconds before; just a while before the police interrogated him…..Yes! Shantilalji our viewers are very inquisitive and interested to know the proceedings of your interrogation with police…so please tell us…

I… shortsighted man, I have a very poor eyesight. Police asked me,” what is this?’’, I touched the object and replied that this is Danda; police further questioned me,” from where it has come? I replied that since it is wooden so it must have come from the tree; police asked from which tree? I smelt it first and said it must be from mango tree; police asked as to where are the trees? I answered there used to be a mango tree near my house: with this the police started searching my house. In the search they found a photograph; police started interrogating, I replied this is my photograph and the tree in the background is the mango tree, which was there some time ago; police told me that they are taking that photograph with them as an important evidence and they called me to report at the police station; I am going there only…

…Bahadurji our viewers are dying and are very much anxious to see the photograph…

…Pratitaji, we must honour the request of our viewers, it is very important, so in stead of photograph now we shall show them the mango groove. A graft of some tree from that mango groove was grafted to grow that tree and from some branch of that tree the Danda of Dawood’s Gulli was made. Pratitaji our reporter Mr. Shamsherji is there, so over to Shamsherji….

…I am proud and deserve congratulations from viewers nationwide and the channel, ”Till Day-After-Tomorrow” for my great achievement of undraping that Mango groove from where graft of some trees was used in growing that tree of whose some branch was used in making the Danda with which Dawood played the game….and the photograph of pundit with that tree….The place where I am standing right on my left is the mango groove, which can be seen; it is the same groove, the graft of one of the trees is responsible for coming in existence of that tree, with whose Danda Dawood played. One more important inkling we have discovered, which is yet not know to police; it is said that the kite of Dawood got entangled on the top of that tree and the person who removed the kite from the tree is absconding since then since he knew that one day police will chase him; fellow turned out to be shrewd person who has seen the elephant…. The owner and the gardener of the groove are already went underground before our team reached here…Pratitaji only this much at the moment from here, but before I go let me tell the viewers that our channel is the first in giving this breaking news; I am Shamsher for, ”Till Day-After-Tomorrow”…over to the studio

Thank you Shamsherji…before we move on further with the reports from our innovative result oriented research team…Keep watching the same news till Day-After-Tomorrow …A long break.



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