Indian Solution on Terrorism

           In India there is a special season called as Ritual of an Extra Alertness. This season sets in fast countrywide in the aftermath of terrorist bomb blast attack. In this season, the regular police force and all departments concerned with national security come in unprecedented action contrary to their usual habit of doing nothing and taking any serious matter in casual manner, sitting with crossed hand either on tables or over the head. Repeatedly, every time and still one more time we found Pakistan’s hands. Shaking hands with such hands for friendship, era has gone by we are shaking only. Oh, let it be, in friendship more than interference and intrusion, there is a need of intelligence and patience.

Ladies and gentleman, here is a presentation of a new facet of Ritual of an Extra Alertness—

Indian Solution on Terrorism—Under a very stringent new legislation recently passed by Mumbai administration, N.O.C. (No Objection Certificate) from police department is mandatory for persons hiring a rental accommodation. A stern and severe legal action shall be taken against those found guilty of not obtaining NOC. –Under this NOC, they are asking for the tenant’s educational qualification with details of their school and college academic records, no matter even if the tenant is of eighty years single old person—not only this, if the tenant happens to be a single person, he shall not be granted NOC. This means any single man or woman; bachelor or spinster, single widow or widower shall not be given house on rent especially in Mumbai. Behind this menace of singles there is a very big assessment envisaged that the married couples or couples spend  more than half of their energy and artistry in producing children and contrary to this the singles are spending their energy in treason, making of bombs and blasting them. What a unique contemplating ability of the legislation to save the nation from the danger of terrorism. Hey, almighty, save these matchless understandings from the influence of evil-charms.

Recently it is given to understand that the agents of marriage bureau have prepared a novel proposal to tackle this problem of housing for singles. It is learnt that they may send this novel proposal to the government. They have prepared a list of all single males and females and they have proposed that these singles should be compelled through a legal enforcement to marry, so as to protect the country in future from such bomb blasts and terrorist attacks. Oh, what a romantic formula of alertness. I am shying while writing this since the Indian single have a special habit of feeling shy even with the utterance of the word marriage. Gentleman do not think that the matter is as simple as the crow flies; I think it is a very prudential foresight riddle; I came to know that the marriage bureau agents sale aphrodisiac medicines to old folks to make up their loss of youthfulness. Oh, let whatever may be the intentions, whether of social or of national interest, I doubt the miscreant hands of Pakistan behind all this. After all for killing more innocents in one go in future bomb blasts, they feel that our population density is less. According to their calculation Indian population must bloat further for achieving their economic goal of utilizing less number of bombs to kill more than double the number of innocents for which the population must grow. When there shall be more marriages, there shall be more children. Then these children shall be nurtured with education and they shall become young citizens and it is but natural that they shall be killed in the bomb blasts and some amongst them can be trained as terrorists; therefore our population growth is the prime interest of Pakistan.

Here I feel necessary to draw kind attention of Human Rights Commission that they should seriously and logically think over this critical issue and pass a legislation, which shall restore dignity of single individuals in rightfully acquiring rental accommodation. The government should immediately take steps in resolving this issue; else the single shall soon begin agitation, “Save us from Marriage”. I feel now the government would spend energy in tackling terrorist menace rather than resolving the agitations of single unmarried; therefore it would be better to impart rights to singles to remain single as per their choice. This definitely shall also prove to be stealing a march upon Pakistan and a straight strong slap in their face. We shall not let our population grow as per Pakistan’s malicious intentions and plans.

  Seeing the entire matter in the prospective of its nature, I feel the Pakistanis are fanatic terrorists guided by religious madness. It seems that Pakistanis have learnt the art of becoming invisible through mystic Karmakand, a Vedic practice. They have gained the power of invisibility. These invisible Pakistani terrorist or you may call them Jehadi invisibly transmit all their Jehadi worshiping equipments through the borders. They invisibly trespass and infiltrate through our borders. Then they stay at invisible places in the country and by the occult power of Tantra Mantra or to say by mystical charms and incantation remain invisible to scout out all critical sensitive places to carryout their so called holy act of bomb blast pleasing Allah and they disappear as invisibles.

What to do our security agencies are trained only to the extent of finding out the hands involved in the terrorist acts; beyond this they are not trained to nab and kill the culprits. For our security visibly invisible are beyond their imagination and capability. It is hoped that the astrologers, tantric, exorcists of this country shall come forward to tackle this problem and give befitting mystic solutions to counter their Karmakand.  Till they do so, we feel that one of the solutions could be that government may impart diksha, initiation, of mystic Karmakand to master the occult powers to the singles. This will serve dual purpose of solving unemployment problem and achieving strong deterrent against terrorism. But the beginning of this campaign is only possible if the singles shall be given accommodations. Here I feel it necessary to attract the attention of Human Rights Commission, especially for singles of Mumbai, to take some logical and reasonable action to let singles be bestowed the right to live with human dignity at least till such time, the singles learn the primitive art of living on the treetops or in dens and caves in jungle or under the seabed.



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