Bald-headed Glabrous Expression

By Amar Sneh

There is a thin partition wall between my neighbor and my house; you can call it as a translucent one, in the sense that our loud activities and sharp high pitched sound cross the barriers of each other’s wall and thus we do have wanted and unwanted information and activities know to each other. For past some time a sharp pinching sound is heard from my neighbor, as if someone is pricking sharp needle one after the other or someone off and on is touching his body with hot object. I could not Beard the lion in his own den, since whenever I saw him in the course of his daily routine, I found him absolutely normal. As per his customary daily schedule he brushes his teeth and takes a face wash on the washbasin just outside his open patio and carries news paper inside his house. Just after a while these pinching sound begins to surge. The disturbing phenomena remained up in my mind, but one day I succeeded in unraveling the mystery behind these pinching sounds. – He gets enraged while reading the news paper and in that fit of anger he plugs-off one hair from his head. Everyday this ritual continues non-stop for two hours without a single a days’ break.

Bald-headed Glabrous ExpressionOne day my curious observation revealed that his head had very thin hair with his scalp nearly bare and thus the days went by and at last he became completely bald without a trace of a single strand of hair. I remember, this mysterious episode I narrated to a very close friend some days back but, I never imagined that this small spark could catch a wild fire spreading all over becoming talk of the town. This situation was very palatable and conducive for media to encash, so they thronged there like uninvited guests. With these TRP mongers media his house was seen brighten up with media fever. One of the media channels as per their established norms took his full length interview. The first question was:

Q: It is given to our knowledge that you had thick grown lock of hair.

A: It is true and your information is correct. This ground zero, that is my hairless head is indicative expression of the frustration and resentment of a common man in this country at the hands of scams, frauds, bribery, cheating, loot happening every day in the institutions like Panchayat (Village Council), Municipal corporations, State-governments, Central Government, Semi and Non-government organisation which, leaves the common man helpless, frustrated only to express his anguish and hatred. I express my frustration, anguish and helplessness by plugging one hair from my head for every such happening. It is not even a year, see, I have lost all my hair. They say stars in the sky and hair on the head is countless. This hairless head is the outcome and the accounts of only these bungles and muddles of which, I gather information through local and national news papers; means if you take a stocks of total count of exposed and unexposed frauds, I believe, hairs on your heads will also fall short.

Q: Do you mean everywhere there is dishonesty and corruption is blooming – is this   what you assert?

A:  Had you had asked me this question yesterday, I had a few strands of hair left on my head; I could have said that there are some people running governments like politicians, bureaucrats, government servants possibly might have been honest, but today my baldy head is expressing something different. For this, I cannot swear on oath, since no hair is left on my head.

Q: Like Anna Hajare are you completely disillusioned and disappointed as regards honesty?

A:  Why alone Anna, every citizen of this country is totally disappointed, yet Anna wants total eradication of corruption from the system, while those who keep wiggle room to fulfill their personal gains through frauds, dishonesty give a hypothetical arguments, instead of giving useful suggestions and solutions. They talk of parliamentary democracy’s degradation and disgrace, where end of democracy right at the corner. Gentleman, democracy remains intact, prevalent and alive where people are disciplined, honest, civilized, duty bound and respect the laws of the land and abide by them. If these rulers, administrators, big business folks and business corporate houses turn duty-bound, honest and civilized, then let there be no growth of hair on my bald, still with pride I shall raise my baldy head and shall say, I am proud to be an Indian.

Q: Ok, your bald-head is an expression and indicator of total corruption prevailing in the country.

A: Besides this, there is yet another expression.

Q: How Come?

A: It is like this — dirtiest cities of the world are buzzing in our country. Forget villages. In the world population of poor, uneducated, jobless are residing in our country called Bharat, but poor folks under compulsions are keeping the democracy alive by casting their votes. If you analyse the economists and planners of this country on the grounds of their input of progress, you will realize that it is as barren and flat like my bald-head.

Q: But the government is blowing different tunes on their trumpet.

A: The sound of their claims must be like sound emerges from the hide or dead skin, but for a while if you assume my round bald head as India instead of universe then this hairless head will appear like India shining.

Q: Tell us the root of this corruption and how your bald will express it?

A: If you want to test the essence of dishonest instincts, then as regards honesty, it is as slippery as my bald; means that we are totally free from the disease so called honesty like my head totally free hair and if you want to gauge the arrogance of pilferage, then try pouring water on my bald, you would not find a single drop or droplet left on it like water poured on glossy earthen pot.

Q: Express the common man’s precarious plight.

A: Yes, of course; the wrong policies of this country, especially the economic policies are meant only to strengthen the already economically very strong and opulent, while the process of improving economic policies for the rest have manifested in such a ugly phase that the monthly salary common man earns washes off in one day like my clean hairless head. The common man craves for the bare necessity like what I crave for hair on my bare head.

Q: Are you more worried for hair on your head or for the nation?

A: We must devote part of our own worries for the welfare of our country in refining and improving our own discipline and civilized behavior; do not worry more about the hair, they change color anyway with passing time, if at all they are there. I believe, there are very many people in the country, those who might have lost their hair while ruminating thoughtfully on the improvement of the current dire, pathetic and filthy situation in which our country is churning; I pray humbly to them not to let their nails grow.

Q: This advisory or recommendation you have suggested for those who all care for the welfare of this country, but what you have say for those who continuing to indulge in scams, loots, dishonesty and corruption?

A: For this there is nonstop hyped coverage on your media about 12th December prophesies that the world ends on this day, If it happens then there shall remain no need to suffer further; automatically we all shall be freed from this menace.



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