From Now On – Right Away!

Gentleman, In spite of masses’ strong objections, hostility and, the obnoxious statutory warning on cigarette packets, we are unable to relinquish our habit of smoking like our Indian mentality of corruption, dishonesty, indiscipline cannot be renounced as it has just become our second nature, although scores of the stringent laws prevail, but our die-hard habit possibly prohibits and put forth a big question mark on our morality and civility. On one hand there is a challenge and threat of the health hazards and on the other the laws and morality, envisaging and struggling for creating healthy, safe society.

From Now On – Right Away!1By the way, due to prohibition on smoking in public places, if we cannot smoke, then crave for it does not end. We try and find a remote corner near some shop and stealthily we take the pleasure of smoking. Gentleman, we are so convinced of our Indian philosophy and we firmly believe that whatever pleasures can be derived and attained lies in furtiveness and sneakiness, else the life is full of sorrows and it is uninteresting.

On the objections of the non-smokers, we very conveniently and at ease throw our arguments at them like we blow smoke-rings and we try to justify it by saying, “If we do not smoke, how the hell people would know that smoking is good or bad habit? Sometimes we promulgate that smoking gives rise to cough, which in turn saves you from pneumonia as it is spitted out. We tell that smoking elevates heart-beats and thus regulates blood circulation while saving the skin from workouts at gymnasium. Smoking helps slimming and shed off extra fats as it mars appetite. The entire society should remain indebted and grateful to all the smokers as the smokers play a role of Ginny pig so that the there is a general awareness that smoking causes cancer; it gives rise to high-blood-pressure. Oh, let there be heart diseases, but the pleasure derived in smoking is heavenly and this pleasure has no substitute. Gentleman, the enjoyment, satisfaction and bliss one experiences when in the night the shutters of all shops are down and the carving reaches its’ pinnacle, the anxiety of getting a puff or two is quenched, when fag-ends are drawn out from ash-tary and lighted; the pleasure is unfathomable and beyond description.

Now tell, when our mighty prestigious religious-gurus preche that the body is mortal and the soul is immortal, besides the soul leaves one body and enters another new body, It means only the robe is changed, then why bother so much for this body; further more smoking shall have no ill effect on the invisible soul. Anyway, let us not stick on to this argument; the point is if smoking is so injurious to health and bad for the society in general, then why at all it should be manufactured? Governments of all countries should impose ban on its’ manufacturing, but then what shall happen of the health of federal treasuries.

Although on peoples’ advice, I have almost decided to relinquish smoking on thirteenth March marked as No Smoking Day and then thought that better it would be if I choose thirty-first May, The World No Tobacco Day, but it happened the way it happens in our country, our people loose and emancipate from the spirit, high fever, all vows and resolutions of patriotism on delivering lecture from podium after hoisting national flag on the occasion of fifteenth August and twenty-sixth January. Well whatever happened, happened, but this time I myself took an iron rod and chased my conscience; I in presence of Allah, keeping him as my witness made an announcement that today this is my last cigarette and then with atmost pain two to three hours went passed; again revised the proclamation that this should be my last packet of cigarette, but with this change and frequent shifts of resolutions, Allahmiya appeared resentful.

No gentleman, I do not think this bad habit could ever be given up, till hospitalization for the treatment of cancer or admission in ICU for heart attack is done; may probably it could then be quitted. — Imagining all these probabilities, is it that am I creating a relation of hostility with myself? or is it that in the frustrations and irritation all these scenes are flashed on my psyche? But still the conscience pricks and forces me to leave smoking, yet I feel how many bad habits to relinquish, one day everyone has to die, so what if I die ten years before. But immediately at that spur of moment yet another thought began reverberating in my mind. I always hear from my well-wishers, “Hey buddy, we need you. We love you. You are our guide and philosopher; we want your perpetual and perennial support; but should I believe all these well-wishers? —- But with great pain, the memories of my lost dear ones and my close friends keep surging and I really miss them with remorse; why did they leave me? My heart laments. Aren’t these sentiments and emotions force me to think as to why be me bend on ending my life like this? — I am afraid — My daughter must be praying,” let my papa be blessed with healthy long life. — My dog, which needs my company and wishes my presence all the time. Does it know as to what am I doing? If it happens to know, would it allow me to smoke? It would run away snatching my cigarette packet and would tear it into pieces. If not for me I should be able to live a very happy healthy long life for my dear ones and hence I am relinquishing cigarette smoking right away from today and from now on….

But frankly speaking I shall remember it a lot, which remained my companion for long years, while it was turning into ashes and it was pulling me along closer and closer to my ashes.

In the fate, in the love for you,AmarSneh

There is, but pain of parting,

Not to forget and remember always

Your closeness to me on my lips

Burning and burning all along,

Turning into ashes with each puff

Dhananjay Dhamankar


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