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Amar Sneh”’Amar Sneh”’ is versatile personality, he is writer, Director, Actor and a Film academician. He has been working for stage, radio, TV, Films and print media for forty five years. He is widely traveled man and worked in India and abroad. He stared his carrier as child artist plying the role of Lord Krishna in a traditional ballet under the famous Maestro Shri Bhupi Maharaj and Later joined professional theater as an actor, took training and worked under the eminent dramatist and trainer Wachaspti Shri Yut Balbhatt.


The journey this artist started with touring theater known as Natraj Kunj. He has given over thousands of remarkable performances which gave him immense fame as dynamic versatile artist, by the time he attained sufficient fame,he got opportunity to work under eminent theater, film and TV personalities like Krishna Bahadur Chandra, Colonel H.V. Gupte, Krishna Shah, MG Mahendru, Vijay Bhadur Chandra, IS Johar, Kedar Sharma, SSS Thakur, FC Mathur, Kumud Nagar, Padam Shri Chirnjeet, DP Sinha, P Kumar, Padam Shri Habib Tanveer.

Amar Sneh worked with many Govt. and Private Agencies. He joined UP Government’s Film and Drama Department in early 60’s. There after he worked with song and drama division, Ministry of I&B Govt. of India. He is trained in television production in TTC under Unesco and associated as staff artist with Doordarshan for a long time. Mr. Sneh worked for Asia TV Network (The First Indian International Network) as senior Director.

He was closely associated with Padam Shri Habib Tanveer and worked with Naya Theater for many years. He gave dozens of memorable performances for Naya Theatre. Sneh known as matured sensitive Writer and Director in different media and different forms and disciplines. He has been ceaselessly contributing stories, satires, Articles for print media, about three hundred works are published in countries major magazines and dailies. He has a profound insightful of creativity that encompasses a script writing for television, films and stage. He has been regularly contributing plays, features, film, tale-films and serials. His literary work is translated in Marathi, Kannada and English.

He is founder of Mumbai based experimental drama company “Theater Lab” through this he exhibited his creative potentials for decades.

He is internationally acclaimed Director known for the film “Somali Darvish”, which was produced by Somali Film Agency, East Africa in collaboration with Nikas India Pvt. Ltd. This was one of the costliest film of its time, in which artist from sixteen countries have acted. This multilingual film displayed his versatility and excellence as Director.

His International TV project entitled “Migratory Birds”, was produced by Middle East based company in Dubai known as Aldur Productions gave him immense fame.

He is distinguish teacher parting training for acting and film making. He trained scores of students at home and abroad.

Amar Sneh is a versatile personality, and perfect combination of personal integrity, sincerity, dedication and above all committed to the media in its true form. He has traveled throughout his life to keep up real essence of art and stood firm to contribute and create the art of acting and use of media in its true sense.

International Director

Nikas commercial Indian business house wanted a break through for their business in Somalia, the managing director of the company mr. S. J. Singh approached Mr. Amar sneh through Mr. Zed Haider, the regional director of Indian council  of cultural relations Mumbai. Mr. S. J. Singh was in search of a film director having good knowledge of script writing and also who could trained the actors for an international film project. In a very first meeting Mr. Singh got convinced with Mr. Amar sneh’s credentials and after words he arranged a meeting with Honourable Ambassador of Somalia in Delhi. The project was discussed at length and the script of the film project was given to Mr. Sneh for his consideration and comments. After a week’s time Mr. Sneh delivered his reactions to the Honourable Ambassador. After he got fully satisfied he communicated with his government and the government of Somalia invited Mr. Amar sneh to Mogudishu to discusses the complete project. Mr. Amar sneh accompanied with Mr. S. J. Singh reached Mogadishu as per the scheduled meeting on 9 May 1983.

Mr. Sneh was honoured as state guest. The discussions  about the Syyed film project carried on with managing director Mr. Ibrahim awed Mhd. “khooli” of Somalia film agency and concerned ministry including writer and casting director Mr. Said salah Ahmad, Mr. Mamud Dirashe Hirsi and Ms. Janet Hayman, project  incharge of Darvishka Somaliyat project. Eventually on 28 May 1983 Mr. Amar Saneh and Mr. S. J. Singh were called to meet the Hon. President of Somalia Democratic Republic. The Hon. President communicated that his government is very happy with the Indian Director and made up their mind to give the Syyed Film Project to India.

The stay in Zubba Hotel in Mogadishu was extended further. As a director of this proposed film project Mr. Amar sneh discussed the script at length with Mr. Said salah and then Mr. Amar sneh was facilitated to see the locations related with the film and existing arrangements to access the technical requirements. It took about 15 days to travel the different places in the country and to meet proposed artists and to know the technical requirements. During this period Mr. Said Salah, Mr. Dirashe and Ms. Janet Hyman accompanied Mr. Amar sneh. In the mean while all the legalities were completed and the film project awarded to Nikas Commercial India as collaborator. Mr. Sneh was then signed the contract as director of the film the Somali Darvish on 19 June 1983 with his technical unit including camera man, make up artist, sound recoredist and experts in art department and editor.

History of film project

Mr. Amar sneh came back to make the technical arrangements and technicians and went back to Somalia on 2 July 1983 with his assistant Mr. D. Dhananjay to prepare the shooting script and to see all the local arrangements related with the production. The work was competed by the 2nd week of Aug. 1983 and came back to India to see the arrangements of his part.

On 24th Aug.1983 Mr. Amar sneh with his complete film unit of 16 peoples including Mr. S. J. Singh and his officials flied for Somalia and reached Barbera on 27th Aug. 1983 after two days stay in Nairobi.

Names of film unit from India

*Mr. B. Veda Prabhu (cameraman)

*R. Manjunath (assistant cameraman)

*G.B. Prabhu (assistant director)

*D. Dhananjay (2nd assistant director)

*S.S. Vichare (makeup man)

*L.P. Pangam (assistant makeman)

*Lakshman Dalvi (Art director)

*Upendra Sood(artist)

*Ali khan (artist)

*Ajit Singh (artist)

*Balwant Suttar (carpenter)

and three people with camera and technical unit, Mr. S. J. Singh and Mr. Amar sneh the director.

The complete periodic arms, hand properties, dresses of Generals and military personals, caps and hats were supplied by Nikas Commercial India and complete shooting equipment’s including cameras, lights, sound recording systems were supplied by C. D. Kishor film equipment suppliers of Mumbai(India).

The inauguration of film shooting was clapped by Honorable Governor at Sheikh(hill station of Somalia) on 30th Aug. 1983.

About 3000 people worked in front of the camera and behind the camera which includes artists from Somalia, Britten, America, Finis, Ethiopia, Australia, Sweden, Italy, India and many other places of Europe. Officials of government of Somalia, Film related workers, military personals interpreters.

The Hero of the film known as Mad Mulla played by Shaikh Usmaan(45years old a judge in Somalia). Film contains 102 major roles.

The film shot in Kodak colour and orwo colours.

Total shooting shifts are 115 spread over 5 months including 22 double shifts.

The post shooting work was done in India at Naw rang Lab, Tardev lab and Bombay lab, Dubbing was done at Filmalay Studio Mumbai.

Editing commenced on 22nd Jan. 1984 in Bombay lab and first print got ready on 16th Jan. 1985.

Premier show was held in the auditorium of Bombay lab. on 17th Jan. 1985 in the presence of Bollywood film personalities, managing director of Somalia film agency, Hon. Ambassador of Somalia, writer of the film Mr. Said Salah, Mr. S. J. Singh, managing director of Nikas Commercial and collaborator of Somalia film agency, complete Indian film unit, V. Prabhakar the editor of the film and director of the film Mr. Amar Sneh.

The film released in late 1985 by Somalia film agency.

(The original film script, shooting script, modified script, call sheets, continuity books, copy of contracts, research papers, editing script and schedules are kept in the personal library  of Mr. Amar sneh in Himachal Pradesh, India. The contact no. of Mr. Amar sneh +919324661247

The multi million dollar film is based on the life of Sayyed who was known as Mad Mulla fought against English rulers during 1901 to 1920. He fought 3 wars against British rulers.

Credit cards as appeared on the screen

*D Ar Viishka Soomaaliyeey – Wakaaladda Fililimmada Soomaaliyeed –  Oo LaKaashtay  NCB {P} Ltd. New Delhi

*Agaasinka Filimka – Amar Sneh

*Qoraalka – Yolb Wadaag Agaasin – Saciid Saalx Axmed

*Kaaliyyaal – B. Veda – Prabhu

*Tiftire – V. Prabhkar

*Agaasinka Fanka – Yuusuf Xaaji, Dalvi Laxman – Goobha Film Quuadista – Cabulqaadir Axmed Saciid Buufalo

National Works

Written and Directed:

#Jab Savera Hua (Story, Screenplay & commentary)        1967       Suchana Vibhag Govt. Of Uttar Pradesh

#Roko_Roko      1970       Ministry of Family Planning Govt. of India.

#Ek Hi Saval                        1970       Kiran Film Corporation Bombay

#Thakar Kabeela              1992       Gokul Prakalpa, Ratnagiri.

#Akshardham    1992       Bochasanvasi Swnminarnyan Sect., Ahmedavad

#Yogi Shatabdi  1992       A.T.N., Bombay

#Alakh  1992       A.T.N., Bombay

#Vision of Better World(ten films)           1992       Prajapita Brahama kumaris Mount Abu

#Carnival 93        1993       A.T.N., Bombay

#Goa     1993       A.T.N., Bombay

#Rajyog (Series in 62 parts)         1994       Braham Kumari, Maunt Abu

Features, tele-films and teleplays

#Nanhon ki nanki yatra 16mm   1970       literacy House; lucknow

#Ye Sach Hai       16mm   1970       Literacy House Lucknow

#Kate Pankh      Tele Film              1971       Doordarshan; Delhi

#Sanyasi              Tele Film                              Doordarshan; Delhi

#Main Use Pehchanti hun            35mm                   Madan Movietones; Bombay

#Nain Mile Chain Kahan                35mm                   Prakash Art international; Chandigarh

#Jaldbaz               Tele Film                              Doordarshan Kendra; Bombay

#Najma(Dialogues)         Tele Film                              M.S. Film Productions; Bombay

#Two Minus Two             Tele Film                              Doordarshan Kendra; Bombay

#Apni Kahani (Story, Screenplay and Dialogues)                                Universal Film; Madras

#Soordas             Tele Film                              Doordarshan Kendra; Bombay

#Kaphan(Based on the story of Prem Chand)     Tele Film                              Doordarshan Kendra; Bombay

#The Somalika Darvishka- (It’s an International feature film project. People from 16 countries have acted in The film And I did Screenplay and Direction. The Film has already been released)               35mm   1983-86 Somali Film Agency East Africa; With the Collaboration of Nikas India

#Thehra Hua pani            Tele Film              1990       Doordarshan Kendra Bombay

#Shahen Shah- E -Alam                 Tele Film              1991       A.T.N. Bombay

Acting in Feature Films

#Cinema-cenema, Amma, Sister, Jane-Alam, Saiyan Magan Pahlwani Main,

Acting on Television

#Aakhen (Tele Film)

#Nasthneer (Tele Play)

#Muktadhara (Tele Play)

#Shatranj ke khilari (Tele play)

#Kaala Admi (Tele Play)

#Sleep Walker (Tele Play)

#Godaan (Tele Play)

#Deep Shikha (Tele Play)

#Mudra Rakshas (Tele Play)

#Raktajeevi (Tele film)

#Jeb Katra (Tele Film)

#Janaki (Tele Play)

#Agra Bazar (Tele Play)

#Holi –Holi (Tele Play)

#Teen Ekant (Tele play)

#Antaheen (Tele Play)

#Zokar (Feature)

#Bhramargeet (Ballet).


#Krishna Leela(Actor)

#Nai Kiran, Perm Patra (Actor)

#Nawab Sahib (Actor)

#Gunah (Director)

#Apne Apne Rishte (Writer/Director)

#Aashad Ka Ek Din (Director & Actor)

#Shatranj Ke Mohare (Actor)

#Agra Bazar (Actor)

#Mere Bhai Mere Dost (Actor)

#Itihas Chakra (Actor)

#Jeere Ka tarka (Writer & Director)

#Hai Dilli (Writer/Director)

#Main Maan Banugee (Director/Writer)

#Naya Zamana (Actor)

#Partha Sarthi (Actor)

#Raja Chamba Aur Char Bhai (Actor)

#Malhar (Musical Play, Writer/Director)

#Dhai Aakhar Prem Ka (Director/Actor)


#Two Minus Two (Writer/Director)

#Andhon Ka Hathi (Director)


#Soordas (Director)

#Raasghandarwa (Director)

#Raja Chahiya (Writer,Director)

#Shoonya (Writer,Director)

#Kavita Kahani Ke Beech (Writer/Director)

#Ghasiram Kotwal(Director)

#Paravartan (Writer/Director)

#Kuch Patha Nahi (Writer/Director)

#Ek Aur Dronacharya (Director)


#Syahdhoop (Writer)

#Bolo to Jane(Writer)

#Tamra Patra(Director)

#Andha Yug (Director)

#Godo Ke Intzar Mein (Director)



#‘Syahdhoop’ A full length play published by Amit Prakashan, Ghaziabad.

#‘BALGAON’ a book on child psychology is under publication by National book trust Delhi.

#Regularly contributing short stories and articles in National dailies and magazines for the last thirty five years. Published about three hundred short stories and satires for country’s  all leading dailies and magazines which includes Navbharat times under the regular column” Kante ki baat”, kadimbani, outlook, Navneet, Madhumati, kathabimb, vipasha, dainik Jagran, Amar ujala, Danik Tribune.


Doing feature film as Writer and Director for Sai Film Production, Mumbai entitled Birsa The Great. The film has already gone on the sets.


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