O Motiya

-Amar Sneh

DSC_0517Some year’s back a new species of animal was discovered at my neighbour. its conditions must have been the same as some good-hearted, well behaved person, who under unprecedented compulsive circumstances has to adopt the environment for which there are no alternatives. Poor soul is suffering terrible tortures and insults. I got introduction of this poor soul, when I was enjoying my morning tea on my terrace. The elder son of my neighbour on whose backpack, hat and motorbike conspicuous inscription in bold letters is seen, “Press Correspondent”. He with the same air of arrogance gave such strong forceful kick to this mute poor creature in the open corridor of the house that poor kept crying “kiya…kiyaa –” in pain for long. Actually the poor soul came in his way and he in his rustic slang ordered, “Oy – go ashide” (hey, go aside). The poor creature was not conversant with this arrogant language and voice of the person who gave the command, so the dog registered its defence by bow-wow at him, which infuriated him further, shouting at it, “You bashterd… you no lisen….you saout at owner?” Continue reading


The First Stone

©Amar Sneh


First StoneThe story I am narrating is of eighty out of hundred people; it might be possible that their looks and life styles differ, but there seem some close relation of their subjugations, compulsions, and helpless oppressed conditions, but then you might ask a question, “are remain twenties foes?” How dare I can call them foes, since they are the ones called as high-familial, noble, high-born, polite, refined, respected, and elite in the society? Whether they are crowned or uncrowned, their behavior, thinking and attitude have remained the same high and mighty. Continue reading


…………..डूबते सूरज की रोशनी उड़ती धूल और लौटते मवेशियों की बजती घंटियाँ। गौधूलिवेला के वो दृश्य अभी भी मेरी आंखों में बसे हुए हैं।……..ये जहां फेक्ट्रियाँ खड़ी हो गई है यहां हमारी बस्ती के किनारे-किनारे एक मील से भी ज्यादा लम्बा-चैड़ा मैदान था, जिसकी भुरभुरी मिट्टी में बच्चों और नौजवानों की पचासों टोलियाँ फुटबॉल-वॉलीबाल, कब्बड्डी, खो-खो, गुल्ली डन्डा, तड़ापड़ी खेलती नजर आती थीं। और धीरे-धीरे वो मैदान सबको अंधेरे में लेकर डूब जाता था……….फिर घरों से पुकारने की आवाजें शुरू हो जातीं थी………..

वृद्ध प्रकाश की आँखों में बचपन का गुड्डू झांकता नजर आ रहा है वो कुछ क्षणों के लिए मौन हो गए, उसकी आँखे नम हो गंई…….उन्हे अपनी माँ के पुकारने की आवाज सुनाई दे रही है।…….‘‘गुड्डू……ऐ गुड्डूआ……अरे घर आ जा रे…….बहुत खेल हो गया ऐ गुड्डू………..’’ Continue reading