Indian Solution on Terrorism

           In India there is a special season called as Ritual of an Extra Alertness. This season sets in fast countrywide in the aftermath of terrorist bomb blast attack. In this season, the regular police force and all departments concerned with national security come in unprecedented action contrary to their usual habit of doing nothing and taking any serious matter in casual manner, sitting with crossed hand either on tables or over the head. Repeatedly, every time and still one more time we found Pakistan’s hands. Shaking hands with such hands for friendship, era has gone by we are shaking only. Oh, let it be, in friendship more than interference and intrusion, there is a need of intelligence and patience. Continue reading


Melody- Country, Rhythm- Police, Pace- Media

Written By Amar Sneh

Just a while ago police head quarter have received a very important clue that the most wanted absconding terrorist, Dawood used to play Gulli-Danda (A country play striking a bail like small piece of wood with a long stick) in his childhood. Police is searching his mates with extra vigilance with whom he played Gulli-Danda. Police squads all over the country have been alerted and police companies are rushed forth in nook and corner in search. Some years before during search a Danda (a stick) was recovered from a lumber-room of Dawood’s old residence; after a long chase the investigation reveled the fact that with this Danda only Dawood played Gulli-Danda. The police was facing a big challenge now, though they recovered and found the Danda, but Gulli is still missing. Gentleman it has become imperative to search the Gulli, since that would lead the police to establish the relationship with his mates with all whom he used to play the game.

At last! After a long chase something like Gulli, which then was so assumed that it must be nothing other than Gulli was traced from a dilapidated ramshackle house; the owner of the house was taken in custody. Continue reading

राग देश, ताल पुलिस मीडिया

Written By Amar Sneh

अभी-अभी पुलिस को एक महत्वपूर्ण सुराग हाथ लगा है कि बचपन में दाउद गुल्ली डन्डा खेलता था। वो जिन लोगों के साथ खेलता था, पुलिस मुस्तैदी से उनकी तलाश कर रही है। देश में चारों ओर पुलिस दस्ते रवाना कर दिए गए है। कुछ वर्ष पहले मुम्बई में दाउद के घर की तलाशी ली गई और एक डन्डा उसके घर के कबाड़खाने से बरामद किया गया। काफी खोज बीन के बाद पता चला कि दाउद उस डन्डे से गुल्ली खेला करता था। पुलिस के सामने अब अहम समस्या ये थी कि डन्डा तो मिल गया लेकिन गुल्ली लापता है, जनाब गुल्ली की तलाश इस लिए की जा रही है कि उससे ये पता लगाना आसान होगा कि उसके किस-किस के साथ रिलेशन थे जिनके साथ वो गुल्ली डन्डा खेलता था। 

अंततः पुलिस को गुल्लीनुमाँ कोई चीज, जिसको गुल्ली मान लिया गया, एक खंडहर हुए मकान से बरामद हूई। इस खंडहर के मालिक को हिरासत में ले लिया गया है। Continue reading