Mr. X

© Amar Sneh

One ultra modern lady attired in tight jeans, wearing high heel sandals and walking with an air of pompousness dangling her short bob cut hair exhibiting her youthfulness enters a police station to file her complaint (FIR). She narrated the contents of the complaint and requested the police officer in charge to register it; just then phone call after phone calls began pouring with the similar complaints; meanwhile some people entered the police station to lodge complaints and they too have similar grievances. Judging the seriousness of the matter, the inspector requested the complainants to be comfortable at police station and he came in action briskly. He took two three constables and went to the site. Police apprehended a person and brought him to the police station, all complainants identified him as the culprit.

The person, which police apprehended and brought to the police station, appeared a respected gentleman— He warned the police sub-inspector that the matter not only concerns that of his fundamental rights but it has religious significance too and any intervention by the police, shall be dealt with severely. The sub-inspector was taken aback and in a fearful confused state he got up and went to the other room to consult his seniors.   Continue reading


The Universal Guru

Amar Sneh

     The scientists of an alien of a far off planet got a special clue while they were studying the sound of distinct collective signals they were receiving. They all gathered to discuss the issue and finally their secret agents kidnapped a resident from the earth and brought him on their planet. They kept the specimen safe in the life saving glass capsule fitted with signal and voice transmitting gadgets.  

     After sometime a group of alien scientists gathered around the glass capsule and they began buzzing around with great curiosity. The specialist and the academicians engaged in the study and observation of the specific area on the earth from where the specimen was picked up, they were seen the first to come forward. The earth-dweller is not so happy seeing unattractive small tiny robot type aliens around him. Innumerous aliens are seen wearing dress like silver colored mantles; in place of their eyes big hollow pits of madness are seen; the aliens too are watching and inspecting this earth-dweller with great curiosity. Continue reading

परलोक सभा

©Amar Sneh

       चेता बेचारा निपट गंवार अनपढ़, लोग जब भी आपस में बातें करते तो वो उनका मुंह ताकता, कभी कुछ पूछ लिया तो लोग झिड़क देते, ‘‘अबे तेरी समझ में नही आएगी ये बातें, जा दो रोटी कमा और सोजा, क्या करेगा ये सब जान के।’’ हर जगह उसे यही सुनना पड़ता लेकिन चेता में हर बात को जानने की जिज्ञासा उसे बेचैन कर देती। सुना सुनाया ही उसका ज्ञान है आखिर वो सुनाये किसको और पूछे किस से, उसने हल ढूंढ ही लिया, सयाने राम आजकल अकेले बैठे हुक्का गुडगुडाया करते है, क्यों न उन्ही के पास बैठ के लोगो की बातों का उन्ही से खुलासा करवा लिया करें। अब वो हर रोज़ सयाने राम के पास आने लगा। आज आते ही राम-राम बजा के उसने बड़ी रहस्मय अंदाज में सयाने राम के कान में फुसफुसाया, “बडकू दसहरी कह रहा था की वो कही नेता जी का भासन (भाषण) सुने है, नेता जी जीत गए तो ओ राममंदिर बना कर रहेगा.. हम बेअक्कल कहता हूँ की इतना मंदिर मंदिर है.. फिर ई काहे…? बडकु हम छप्पर के टट्टर दाल के रहता हूँ लेकिन बिनिया माधो महल्ला के मंदिर के बनाये खातिर चार दिहाड़ी मजदूरी दान दिया… का बडकु फिर चंदा दे का पड़ी…? Continue reading